The FOX Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the ShapeShift DAO in achieving full decentralization.

Meet the skulk.

Willy Ogorzaly

Head of Decentralization

Phil Elsasser

Head of Technology

Adam Samere

Chief Architect

Will Stiern

Head of Infrastructure


What is the Foundation's relationship to ShapeShift DAO?


There is no formal relationship between the FOX Foundation and the ShapeShift DAO. While the Foundation's mission is to support the DAO, neither organization has any control nor obligations to the other.

What are the Foundation's plans post decentralization?


Once our noble mission is accomplished and ShapeShift DAO is sufficiently decentralized, the foundation plans to transfer its remaining assets to the DAO and to dissolve.

How can I get in touch?


Reach out to us in Discord or at

If I have a question about ShapeShift AG, who should I contact?


Please send any inquiries regarding ShapeShift AG to

Still have questions or just wanna chat? Ping us on Discord or email us at